Get-to-Costa Rica worked very hard to personalize an itinerary that was just for us when we were planning our first trip to Costa Rica. They had all the activities we wanted to do, all the places we wanted to see and stay, and during the trip, Felipe, our guide, always had excellent recommendations for places to eat and things to do. We stayed very active, and Felipe did all the activities with us and kept up the whole time. My family doesn’t go on vacation to relax. If we wanted to do that we would stay home. We think we wore out Felipe, but he was in the greatest mood the whole time. You will not find a tour company that puts as much effort into making sure you get the trip that you want. This is not some cookie-cutter stuck-in-a-bus tour where you do what you’re told. You get to do what you want when you want to do it, and Felipe makes sure it goes as smooth as silk. He takes all the stress out of traveling. You will look at the huge crowd of people getting off the tour bus and you will pity them.

The thing Felipe did that we will never forget is when we were hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park, my mother began to get heat stroke, Felipe quickly found a park ranger and got permission to drive his van into the park on the trail. He ran to get the van, cranked up the air conditioning, and came and picked my mother up in the park. I really believe that she would not have made it back to the van on her own, and that Felipe saved her.

My wife and I have since taken a second trip to Costa Rica, and again, everyone at Get-to-Costa Rica made sure we got exactly what we wanted, within our budget. It was great to see Felipe again, and everything went flawlessly. We couldn’t recommend them enough, and we hope to return again.

Stephanie & Nick Hahn
December 2009