Viviana –

Sorry for the delay in getting around to completing our tour feedback form!  I decided to scan the completed form and have attached it to this email rather than use the postal mail. 

From the feedback form, we obviously had a great time on vacation.  The only other feedback suggestion that I could make is that, after the basic structure of the trip is established, it’s useful to understand where the additional options might be in the itinerary for additional upgrades, etc.  For example, we felt like we really lucked into a great room at the Arenal Volcano Inn.  This occurred at the last minute because the budget-priced rooms were no longer available when we booked.  However, after having been there, the Standard Studio rooms just did not appear to be as good of a value as the Studio Plus rooms (which were higher on the hill) that we booked into.  We would have probably booked these to start with had we known of the option and the differences among the room categories. This is really just minor comment, though;  we ended up making notes as we went along on what we wanted to do “for the next trip”.

I’ve added 2-3 comments at your blog.  I’ll also try to add some comments at Trip-Advisor’s over the next couple of days.

It’s hard to express what a great time we had on our (much too brief) trip.  I appreciate all of the planning that you provided to help make this trip a success for our family.  If it helps, feel free to use the snippet below (and pictures) as a testimonial.  As noted on the feedback form, we have already recommended Get-To-Costa-Rica to two of our friends!


– Russ
August, 2009