Dear Felipe,Pam
I want to thank you for all you did to make our trip unforgettable! It surpassed our expectations. We all agreed that it was the best trip we’ve had and can’t wait to go again! The service that you and your company provided was excellent. The children had a fabulous time and I think they learned a lot in the process. Thank you for the pictures-they are great! Thank you for the wonderful memories.

I forgot to give you our survey, but we found out about your company from the Men’s Health magazine. The staff, hotels, activities, and transportation services were all excellent. We really liked the bungalows in both places. The hotels were very clean and both had beautiful views. I think that the Sky Trek was my family’s favorite adventure, but we liked everything! Also, we thought very highly of Christian and his driving. The bus was much nicer and more comfortable than I expected. The criteria that made us decide on your company was the fast response we got from you. The prices were reasonable and the service was very personal. For me, especially, I felt a personal connection from emailing with you and talking to Marsha that made it easy to trust your company, because not everything on the internet is what it says it is! I would rate our visit a 10 and I will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone I know that wants to visit Costa Rica. I will be happy to provide a reference for your company anytime.

Thank you again for all you did to make our trip safe, comfortable exciting and special. We feel very lucky that we were able to experience Costa Rica with you.

Pam P.