Hi Marsha,

We came back last night from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and I thought to write to you and let you know how terrific it was and how pleased we were with everything.

First, the country itself is beautiful, the views and things to see and do are breathtaking, the people are so nice and the weather was excellent.

The private guides we had the pleasure of knowing from your company were wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly and very pleasant. We had a great time traveling this wonderful country with them. The service was always on time in every location, the meals were very tasty, the tours were fascinating and right at the physical level we wanted it for a family with kids and me being pregnant.
We would like to name Felippe Chacon, especially, as a wonderful and caring guide. He explained so many things and went above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable and enjoying ourselves.

The third party service was excellent as well, always on time and the guides were very knowledgeable and we learned a lot, laughed a lot and had a great time. We took a thousand pictures!!!

The hotels were very comfortable and located in beautiful locations. The Parador had a rough entry to it with over 2 KM of dirt bumpy road, but the hotel itself was wonderful.
We liked the Mountain Paradise Hotel the best – it offered a house (not a room) with 2 large beds for the 4 of us and a jacuzzi with the mountain view which was gorgeous.

The activities were very interesting and fun with lots of animals to see and changing views to enjoy.

Thank you for a wonderful wonderful planning and great arrangement of every detail. It was a success!!! We are very sad to be back and leave this beautiful country but are happy it all was so enjoyable. We will defiantly recommend your company to our friends and families and intend to post a very positive review on tripadvisor.com

Thanks again,