Air Activities

The World Famous Canopy Tour

The canopy of the rain forest is the top part of the jungle vegetation, which is "the upper bushy part of the trees" as our guides call it. You wear a safety harness and glide across the top of the jungle on cables while observing nature from the canopy. This thrilling adventure is always the first thing that you´ll tell your friends when you return home.

Bungee Jumping

Jump from a bridge, attached to a bungee cord in the Tropical Bungee Jumping in paradise is the only way to do it!


Extreme activities for extreme people, that´s our specialty.  Trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica.  Along the way you will have the chance to see monkeys, toucans; sloths, parrots and discover the secrets that lie hidden deep in the canyon.

Aerial Tram

Pacific: Flies through a transitional area between the extremely rare tropical dry forest and the tropical rainforest. This junction between the two ecosystems are packed with exotic wildlife and full of bright tropical vegetation.
Atlantic: Flies above the canopy treetop, guided nature hikes for all levels of physical ability, a snake exhibit ( with more than 10 reptile species), a multi-colored Frog and Butterfly Garden, bird watching and opportunities to overnight at the Rain Forest Lodge where the walls all but blend right into the forest.

Land Activities

Volcano Adventure

Costa Rica has 6 declared active volcanoes. The Arenal Volcano, which is the most active, can be seen and heard from miles away. In the evening you can see the natural fireworks displayed as you look to the top of the Arenal Volcano. During the day, the rumble of its inner explosions can be heard from miles away.

Sight Seeing

There is no specific “Sight Seeing” in Costa Rica.  That’s because everywhere you look you will see breathtaking sights - Waterfalls, mountains, quaint villages, plantations, rolling countryside, volcanoes, wildlife, amazing flowers in full bloom, rivers - Even the rain is terrific to watch in Costa Rica.

Yoga & Relaxation

By the end of the class, each individual will have worked every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ and gland while systematically moving oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. The result is restoration of health to all systems. As you increase strength, flexibility and balance in your body, you will be eliminating conditions of stress produced by fast-paced lifestyles. For relaxation we will find the real spot for you to chill out.

Horseback Riding

Explore the Costa Rican countryside as your guide leads you to a refreshing swim in a beautiful stream. Take plenty of photos of the magnificent waterfall and incredible scenery. Included in this excursion is a 30 minute nature hike full of photo opportunities.

Mountain Biking

Costa Rica is a mountain biker´s paradise.  A perfect way to explore Costa Rica is on a mountain bike with thousands of miles of roads and trails, Costa Rica will satisfy any mountain bike enthusiast.

Coffee Plantation

Take a brief visit to a coffee plantation and see how it’s grown while you enjoy a great cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Be sure to pick up a bag or two to take home with you.


Costa Rica provides great riding opportunities for both street Motorcycle riders and Dual Sport on and off road riders.  Cruising on a legendary Harley-Davidson or visiting isolated lodges on a KTM, we´ll design the perfect experience for you.

4 wheel ATVs

Take an exciting 4-wheel ATV tour.  You’ll navigate your 4-wheel ATV up and down mountains and explore incredible ocean side scenery.  You’ll cross a river on your way up narrow mountain roads passing wildlife, cattle and endless rice fields.  Meet some locals while you stop for a soda and a snack.  Bring your camera for some of the best pictures imaginable.

Spa Experiences

For an hour, a day, or for a longer customized program designed around your own goals and needs. Enjoy a Jacuzzi and spa treatment in privacy. You will be able to choose between different options to make this experience a real enjoyable time.

Water Activities

White Water Rafting

Experience category II to IV rapids for any level of experience while rafting is a great addition to your vacation. The most experienced rafting company in Costa Rica will be your host for this incredible adventure on the river. No experience required because each guest will receive a free 15-minute instructional class on rafting safety. This is a fun, safe, memorable activity and children from 6 years are welcome.

Scubba Diving

The warm waters in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea create a great diving opportunity for those who love to dive.  Costa Rica is a Top 10 World Diving destination.  Don’t forget your diving certification, otherwise you´ll be watching from the boat.


Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish and with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, there is no lack of coastline in this small country. Variable conditions can make snorkeling in Costa Rica a tricky proposition despite the abundance of accessible waterfront.

Hot Springs

Immerse yourself in the natural hot springs heated by the Arenal Volcano. This is a wonderful experience. Fed by an underground river, the water is heated to the perfect temperature naturally by the heat from the volcano. Amazing! Spend some time submerged in the therapeutic wonders of naturally heated mineral water. Then relax and catch up on some reading while working on your tan.  Great photo opportunities are everywhere.

Jungle River and Mangrove Safari

Costa Rica has a lot of rivers and mangroves to explore and our Jungle River Safari is the perfect way to experience it.  See incredible wildlife like crocodiles, toucans and monkeys.  You´ll float down the river in a specially designed boat.

River Kayaking

The rivers in Costa Rica are quite varied as are the jungles, rainforests, valleys, and other terrain through which they flow. In this tour you will kayak while exploring Costa Rica, its natural attractions and its abundant wildlife.

Sport Fishing

Costa Rica is famous for its Sports Fishing.  Let us introduce you to a captain who´ll take you out for an unforgettable day of deep-sea fishing.  It is not uncommon to catch over 5 Sail Fish in one outing.  Just tell us what kind of fish you are interested in catching and we´ll do the rest.  Tarpon and Snook fishing is World Class too.

Ocean Kayaking & Outrigger Canoes

Kayaking and Ocean Kayaking is very popular.  It´s a great exercise and a wonderful way to spend the day.  You will have the chance to share in the adventurous spirit of the early explorers.  Imagine yourself cruising silently past spectacular cliffs full of pelicans and frigate birds in a craft pioneered by the Polynesians and perfected for tourist in Costa Rica.  There will also be great chances of snorkeling.


Costa Rica boasts one of the top 10 places to surf in the world.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is a surfing opportunity for everyone.


Explore the incredible shores of our country.  As you sail along, watch dolphins and many, many fish.  Spend a lovely day or half day at sea, do a little snorkeling and take a relaxing swim.

Forest Activities

Natural History Walk and Hikes (Naturalist Tour)

Your Naturalist guide will lead you on an adventure where you will see White Faced Monkeys, Sloths, Iguanas, rare birds and much more (in the wild, not in a zoo). Plus learn as much or as little as you would like about the rain forest and its vegetation.  From Butterflies to Deer, to rare Laughing Falcons and unusual giant lizards, you´ll love this interactive adventure, complete with swimming at a beautiful beach.  Peer through the spotting scope and get "close-ups" of baby Sloths or brilliantly colored Toucans.

Botanical Gardens

Being in the rain forest would not be complete without an interesting tour of a world-class botanical garden. Even fidgety kids enjoy this informative tour of the abundant vegetation found only in Costa Rica.

Bird Watching

The diversity and density of birds in Costa Rica makes it one of the best birding destinations in the world.  With 850 different species of birds, the country is a paradise for bird watchers.  We can design a trip to please this particular interest with a specialist guide for you to maximize your experience.